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NT Maritime can work in harmony with the existing PBX or function as the full PBX on board ships with the same integration to the shoreside personel
Virtual Receptionist

Create auto attendants that answer calls and present callers with a menu of prompts to help them find the right person to speck to.

Conference Bridge

Create multiple conference rooms and conduct meetings simultaneously. Features include PIN access, PIN bypass with invitation, and more.


An extension for every phone in each stateroom, store, restaurant, office, or department on the cruise ship.

Mobile App

Work from anywhere land or sea. Make and receive calls, join conference calls, check voicemail, and more.

Provides the ability to create a phone directory for cruise ships and shoreside operations for seamless worldwide communication.

Advanced Voicemail

Create custom greetings, manage whith visual interface, receive audio files and text transcriptions by email, and enable PIN access

Call Recordings

Each extension can record calls for future playback and review

Advanced Call Forwarding

Create unique call forwarding rules for each extension that is unable to answer an incoming call. Can be configured based on status and office hours