Innovations As Services That The Hospitality Industry Needs To Implement Right Away

Technological advancement has raised the standard across all industries, and consumers are starting to demand more than what was previously sufficient. One of the most affected industries is the hospitality sector, where users now demand more than just fully air-conditioned rooms and yummy foods. Modern hotels, for example, are appealing to customers in different ways, including having a futuristic design, increasing guest satisfaction, and hotel technology.

By leveraging innovation, the hospitality industry can meet more expectations. This post explains some of the best innovations as services that can help hotels grow with the change and get set for the future.

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning are fast becoming an integral part of the hospitality industry. Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps hotels to understand customers’ preferences and deliver tailor-made services to them. For example, AI-powered chatbots can improve customer support by providing swift solutions at all times of the day. Hotels also do not need to hire interpreters since AI-driven chatbots can be configured to communicate in different languages.

The size of the global industrial robotics market was estimated at around $55b in 2020. Some of these robots are AI-powered, and they are reshaping the hospitality industry. Beyond welcoming guests and providing tourist information, some AI-driven hotel robots can engage in activities like vacuum cleaning and luggage transportation.

Generally, AI-powered solutions are likely to change many things in the hospitality industry in the not-so-distant future. And hotels that start utilizing them now will have a headstart by then.

Biometrics Technology For Security And More

The global biometric authentication and identification market is expected to reach almost $100b by 2027. That does not come as a surprise since many industries rely on biometric technology for improved security and efficiency. In the hospitality industry, using face recognition and fingerprint ID will improve not only security but also customer experience.

By using biometric technology, hotels can implement a fast check-in process. This makes it possible for guests to book a room on their mobile app and get access to it by scanning their faces upon arrival. Also, this innovation can improve keyless entry, solving the headache of lost or deactivated key cards. What about a contactless biometric payment terminal? A solution that registers the guest’s face after the first payment and remembers their preferences for more personalized services.

Virtual Reality Tours

While augmented reality and virtual reality may still be in their infancy, the hospitality industry is already incorporating them into daily processes. Hotels can create augmented environments using augmented reality, giving staff members everything they need to manage guests effectively. Also, AR can be incorporated into the rooms by placing maps for additional information when users point a smartphone at them.

One of the most common uses of VR is virtual tours. Best experienced through headsets, potential guests can walk around the hotel and even take a look at their hotel room before booking. If made available on a hotel website, it could be what influences potential guests to book rooms.

Offering Cutting-edge Payment Solutions

Guests do not want to spend up to a minute making payments anymore. Therefore the hospitality industry has started implementing faster and safer payment methods. Perhaps the most debated is blockchain technology for payments. Through blockchain technology, payments are encrypted and processed in real-time. Not only does it prevent data theft, but it offers seamless integration between tax, payment, and accounting.

Furthermore, COVID 19 changed the demands of many consumers. Guests want to avoid contact with people and objects as much as possible. Implementing contactless payment solutions will make guests feel safer and happier.

5G is becoming a blessing to the hospitality industry. With superfast websites and software, the industry can deliver better services to guests. By implementing faster payment methods, virtual tours, AI-powered personalization, etc., guests will get more satisfaction, and the hospitality industry will grow bigger.

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