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Stop outbreaks before they can spread.

Cruise lines have the new priority of providing reassurance that their cruise will be a healthy experience. netTALK Maritime’s new solution integrates innovative technologies that improve health monitoring and contact tracing onboard cruise ships. The system remotely gathers and provides the medical team with a wealth of critical information that is immediately actionable.

Contactless Vital-Sign Health Screening

Data from network-enabled, medically approved electronic health-monitoring devices are securely relayed using end-to-end encryption, and the medical team is alerted if abnormal results are detected.


The process uses the passenger’s smartphone and the cruise line’s app embedded with the netTALK Maritime system.

Heart Rate

Noninvasive Pulse Reading and Rhythm

Breathing Rate

Noninvasive Respiration Rate and Rhythm

Body Temperature

Core Temperature Fever Detection (coming soon)

Blood Oxygen

SpO2 Oxygen Saturation (coming soon)

Chat-Bot Questionnaire

Based on current triage protocols used by hospitals.

Photo ID

To ensure identity, a photo is taken during measurement.


Guest-Screening Solution

Crew-Screening Solution

Screening Triggers

Guest/Crew Virtual Check-Up Inside Cabin During Quarantine

Private & Anonymized Contact Tracing

When a contagious guest or crew member has been identified, contact tracing helps identify other passengers who may have had significant contact with that person so they can also be tested and quarantined, if necessary.

Features and Functionalities

Tracing is based on controlled public spaces

Anonymized Public ID is tracked via the app, a wearable, and/or video surveillance

Algorithms will track and instruct the contacts of infected guests to engage in safety protocols

Guests can be notified by the messaging system and/or voice calls by ship staff


Minimize Spread of Disease

Maintain Anonymity whenever possible

Once a sick person is identified, contact tracing can be enabled to locate, test, and potentially quarantine people at risk.

Identifies locations where an infected person spent time so those areas can receive extra sanitization.

Other Included Services

Wayfinding Services
Heat Maps and Flow Services

netTALK MARITIME is a certified partner of Tritan Software

The world is also filled with compliance regulations from health authorities, such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC), WHO, CLIA, EU Healthy Gateways, Robert-Koch-Institute, and the cruise line Flag & Government Regulators. The Tritan Software SeaCare platform ensures these requirements are adhered to. The SeaCare platform can receive, process, monitor, protect, and manage the required health data of each person onboard (guests and crew), all of which are provided through the ongoing contactless health-check methods gathered and made available through netTALK MARITIME.